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Onboarding in the hybrid era

Effective onboarding is essential to welcome new employees into the company and familiarise them with the corporate culture, their new team, and the company objectives. In the digital age, companies are turning to modern solutions to transform their traditional onboarding process into an engaging digital employee experience. The Fellow Digitals eLearning platform allows you to streamline this process and offer your organizations a flexible and personalized approach. Get started right away and create cost-effective, efficient onboarding for employees by providing 24/7 centralized access to all information and creating a personalized onboarding experience.

Invite them and surprise them with great content

Invite new employees before they officially start, provide them with access to great content, and allow them to become familiar with their work. Enrich your onboarding with online training materials, such as a virtual tour of the headquarters, an intro video of your organization, or a welcome message from the CEO. Share your mission, terms of employment, or practical information about holidays and parking. Your learning platform allows you to convert all your existing content into a great onboarding in an instant.

Onboarding in a breeze

Use existing training materials and build top-quality onboarding in no time. Simply drag & drop modules to enrich your course. New colleagues can start immediately, regardless of time, place, or device. The result is an inspiring, fast, and effective onboarding process with company-wide knowledge and information exchange. Everything is entirely in your house style, of course, to immediately give a familiar feeling and to quickly make new colleagues part of the organization.

Create a great digital employee experience

It is up to HR to support employees in their individual journey in order to provide the best possible (digital) employee experience. By giving them the resources and technology with which they are able to get everything out of themselves. From onboarding to promotion, every moment in the employee’s career matters.

Measure the success of your onboarding

Your LMS provides highly valuable data and statistics that are used to optimize the onboarding process. Want to measure how the new employee feels? Then use the survey and poll functionality! The ability to gain these insights and customize onboarding flows in a single platform positively impacts your company’s main KPIs.

Integrate with your Intranet

Your eLearning platform can be fully integrated with Fellow Digitals’ intranet. This way, new employees not only get to know your organization, but you also offer them the experience of your digital workplace. A seamless link ensures ease of use, whereby the employee only needs to log in once and is immediately connected with his or her new colleagues. The combination of LMS and intranet offers you an extensive and inclusive Employee Experience Platform. This makes learning, sharing knowledge, and collaboration central to your company.

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