Seitz car dealership

eLearning for 1,000 employees

Intranet - Published December 30, 2022
The Seitz car dealership chain in Allgäu, with around 20 more locations in Germany, was faced with the task of reaching its more than 1,000 employees equally and providing them with information. The previously prevailing top-down flow of information was to be reduced and every employee given the opportunity to actively and independently contribute information and messages. With this, the Seitz Group wanted to take a further step towards digitalization and, thus, remain one of the most popular employers in the region in the long term.


  • Germany
  • 1,000 Employees
  • Industry: Automotive


Autohaus Seitz


To implement its intranet project, the Seitz Group enlisted the digital workplace agency Kronsteg. Thanks to the productive and unbureaucratic consulting, they reached the result quickly and in a spirit of partnership. It was to be the Viadesk Intranet from Fellow Digitals, as this intranet met the three core requirements:

  • mobile availability, so that all colleagues are equally engaged
  • simple user interface, to keep the training effort to a minimum
  • Single Sign-on, to reduce password management

„Originally, we had planned to connect all 20 sites to the intranet within 4 weeks, but after converting the first two sites, requests started coming in from everywhere and people couldn’t wait to get started,“ explains Christopher Geyer, Chief Digital Officer at the Seitz Group.

Microsoft 365 integration

By the way, Seitz uses the Viadesk Intranet in combination with Microsoft 365 apps. Kronsteg summarized the successes to date as such:

  • 39 % shortened response time to customer inquiries
  • 43 % faster exchange through wikis, chats, and news
  • 12 digitally implemented work processes, such as purchasing and registration forms, etc.

A pioneering intranet project with great success for the employees, the company, and the project manager.

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