Trends of our Digital Workplace event

Digital Workplace - Published November 12, 2019

In October 2019, our first Digital Workplace event took place in Cologne. Interesting lectures and workshops on topics such as eLearning, new work, knowledge management, and digital work in companies characterized the successful event.



Opening and course of the event

CEO Mujibor de Graaf opened the event by giving a short speech. He emphasized the innovative potential that digital technologies offer companies, but in particular, the importance of connecting and supporting people.

True to this motto, coffee breaks and a relaxed lunch invited the participants and speakers to exchange ideas and to network. In an exclusive setting, with 30 participants and 9 speakers, it was possible to share experiences and exchange knowledge.



Leitmotif of the Digital Workplace event

The digital work industry is constantly changing and very complex. The topics of the lectures and workshops also covered a wide variety of aspects. How can the transition from analogue to digital work be measured? How can work processes be converted into digital sessions? Can podcasts also be established in companies? How is knowledge strategically structured? How do I create exciting training courses? These practical topics have also been supplemented with more theoretical lectures, for example on how cognitive processes work that should be considered for digital work and motivating employees. The broad spectrum of lecture topics reflects the complexity of today’s working world and allowed participants to choose the workshops that best fit their individual needs. During the event, the speakers were able to contribute their knowledge and experience to the various sessions, which further enriched the event.

Basically, the speakers encouraged not to shy away from change, but instead approach it in a structured way. This way, allowing digitalization to succeed. They also gave innovative insights into the development of digitalization, and practical tips on how digital transformation can be implemented in everyday working life.



The following trends in the Digital Workplace moved the participants

The key notes and workshops provided the participants with valuable impulses. Core topics, however, was the practical implementation of the Digital Workplace. The participants dealt with digital structures and processes, and how these can be implemented across national borders. They also discussed the obstacles involved in introducing digital tools, such as employee acceptance. The opportunity to exchange ideas with other people in conversations proved to be highly efficient: Within the sessions, the participants themselves became problem solvers, contributing their experience and knowledge to answer other participants’ questions.



It was exactly this exchange that we were interested in at our event. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped to make this event so successful: the participants, the speakers and our Viadesk team. The personal exchange offers the opportunity to gain new perspectives on various topics and to consolidate existing acquaintanceships. We look forward to repeating the event in the future!


More trends of working digitally are discussed in our interview series “Open up Digitals”.

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Hans Koekkoek

12 Nov 2019