Badges as incentives in eLearning

eLearning - Published August 24, 2021

An eLearning system with badges offers your learners the opportunity to earn rewards. This creates an incentive to continue learning, earn more badges, and compare your own performance with that of other participants. Badges provide more motivation for learners.



  1. Setting up badges in your Coursepath academy
  2. Badges from the learner’s perspective
  3. Why you should rely on badges in eLearning


1. Setting up badges in your Coursepath academy

Under Setup, you will now also find the item Badges. Here you can choose which badges can be issued in your academy. You can also upload individual image files instead of the standard badges. For example, you can use badges in your company’s own branding.


a. Events

Badges can be assigned for different events. These refer to the following categories:

  • User profile
  • Course starts
  • Course completions
  • Comments


b. Edit badges

To edit the badges, click on the three dots on the right and select “Edit”. Here you can change the title of the badge in the text field. Furthermore, it is possible to upload your own image file for the badge. Click on the arrow on the left below the badge and select a file from your computer.

With a click on the recycle bin on the right, you can delete your uploaded file if required. Then the standard template is used for the badge.

Click on the save button to apply your changes.


c. Enable and disable badges

Badges can be enabled and disabled. Click on the three dots on the right and select ” Enable” or “Disable” accordingly. In the overview, you can see which badges are currently enabled and disabled.

If you reactivate a previously disabled badge, you can ensure that academy members receive the reactivated badge by clicking the “Assign pending badges” button, provided they have already completed the corresponding event.


2. Badges from the learner’s perspective

When learners earn a badge, they receive a notification. This appears as a number on the profile picture. In the dropdown menu academy members will find the item “My Badges”.

By clicking on this menu item, the user is taken to an overview page. There, both the badges already achieved are shown in color and those not yet unlocked are shown in grey.


3. Why you should rely on badges in eLearning

  • Motivate learners
    Badges offer a good learning motivation for your employees. Competition is created by the underlying game mechanics of badges. Once the employees have received their first badge, they want to unlock the other badges as well. Digital badges thus promote the intrinsic motivation of learners. They want to collect as many badges as possible, so they take more courses and interact more with other participants. Furthermore, there is healthy competition between the employees who discuss the badges they have received.
  • Achieve milestones
    If the online training for your employees has a long-term learning goal, it seems to be a long way off for the learners. For learners, a sense of achievement only occurs when all required eLearning courses have been successfully completed. By awarding a badge for the first completed course, employees are encouraged and motivated right at the start of their learning journey. By embedding badges at other stages of the learning journey, you can further enhance the experience of success and motivation of the learners.
  • Promote self-directed learning
    eLearning based on badges encourages learners to take the learning process into their own hands. If you offer voluntary courses in your eLearning academy, you can motivate your employees to complete them. With badges, this will be a success, because the learners have the possibility to unlock badges through their achievements and to exchange information with colleagues about the badges they have earned. This ensures that employees invest time in their online training.


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