Create multiple course certificates – Easy editing with PowerPoint

eLearning - Published November 16, 2021

Design your course certificates individually using your own corporate branding. You can create course certificates freely, whether in portrait or landscape format, with minimal or a great deal of text – it is totally up to you. Just use the predefined tags and paste them in your PowerPoint slide exactly there where you want them to be. As soon as you have uploaded the template, Coursepath will convert these tags and display the information accordingly. Newly added tags are date of birth and external ID. You can create several templates for course certificates and use individual certificates for each course.


Design certificates with PowerPoint

With Coursepath, you can automate custom-fit certificates for every single course. The straightforward use of PowerPoint templates is popular. Even after the upload to your learning environment, course certificates can still be adjusted any time. Simply download the existing certificate from your academy; as this happens as PowerPoint file, you can edit the document directly in PowerPoint. Concerning text and design you are completely free – within the possibilities of the PowerPoint environment.



Example of a certificate created in PowerPoint


Individual certificates for each course set by template

With the help of multiple templates, for each course you can specify whether a uniform academy certificate or a specific certificate per course will be issued after completion of the course. For example, you can create templates for different languages or topics. If you have to train different customers or corporate partners in your academy or have to serve different corporate designs, the use of different templates is also helpful.

To do this, create the required certificate templates at academy level and give them a suitable name. Alternatively, you can directly use the setup on course level (for a course-specific certificate). In the course settings under options, you select the certificate template that should be used for this course. This feature is available to you as academy manager or author.


certificate management

Manage your multiple certificates easily.


Make use of tags and position your certificate elements

Using PowerPoint for the certificate layout provides you with a lot of creative possibilities. You can use all kinds of fonts, colors, and design elements you need. This allows for you to create certificates that fully comply with your corporate branding or with a specific design in mind. In short: You have flexibility!

These tags are available right now:

  • Participant Name – {name}
  • Organization – {company}
  • Course name – {course}
  • Description – {description}
  • Trainer – {teacher}
  • Score – {score}
  • Points – {points}
  • Date – {date}
  • Period – {start} {end}
  • Duration – {duration}
  • Date of birth – {birthdate}
  • External ID – {externalid}

Simply paste these tags within the text elements within PowerPoint.


This is the template of the certificate above, including the available tags.


These tags are automatically replaced by Coursepath. The tag {name} for example, is replaced by the name of the respective course participant. Text elements without {brackets} apply equally for all participants on the certificates.

Tip: Use individual text fields for different tags and fixed text elements. This ensures that the layout of your certificate does not shift when issued to course participants.

You can access the certificate layouts in your academy as manager or author via Options > Certificates. Or directly within the course via Settings > Options and then scroll to the certificates. This allows you to directly select the desired certificate for the corresponding course.


Automatic issuing of certificates upon completion

The certificates you prepared will be automatically made available to participants after successful completion of the course. According to the tags you set, participants will be able to download their individual course certificates.



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