The 5 most important questions when introducing eLearning

eLearning - Published November 30, 2021

Sometimes the decision for eLearning has to be made faster than planned. You usually train on site and now you have to avoid large groups meeting? You want to on-board new employees even though everyone is working from home?

Especially in such new situations, some questions regarding the introduction of eLearning are at the top of the list. And they should be answered as quickly as possible. We have put together the 5 most important questions and provided answers.


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1. How long will it take to introduce eLearning in the company?

The introduction of eLearning is associated with obstacles in many companies and goes through several decision-making processes. But once the decision for an eLearning software, for example an LMS, has been made, there is nothing to stop the rapid introduction of eLearning.

Learning Management Systems are also available as Software-as-a-Service. This “service” saves you worries about hosting, maintenance and updates because the provider takes care of that for you.


2. How secure is an online LMS?

The eLearning portal should be available to as many employees of the company as possible, regardless of where they work, or in which country they are located. It is important, especially with open access within the company, that the LMS is equipped with appropriate security measures.

These include a server located within the EU to guarantee the security of personal data. But also that the LMS is always available, even when the workload is high.

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3. How can I verify that the training has been attended?

Tests and reports are essential if you want to track the activities and success of your trainees.

By means of tests you can check the newly acquired knowledge and get feedback on the success of the learners as well as on the benefit of the eLearning course. Use the feedback of the learners to continuously improve the eLearning courses.

Reports also give you insight into the overall performance of the course. From course participation, through intercommunication and performance reports, to course completion and certification.


4. How individually can I design an LMS?

The training program of your company should, if possible, also reflect the name and logo as well as the design of your company. It is also recommended that your company’s colors can be set in the LMS.

In this way, you can achieve two goals at once with your online training portal: You train your employees, partners, and customers, convey knowledge and offer them a resource for reference. And in addition, the corporate design makes employees feel at home, while partners and customers recognize the corporate identity in the LMS.

If possible, you should be able to make individual adjustments in the LMS yourself to avoid additional work.


5. Do I need IT skills to successfully introduce eLearning?

Absolutely not! An LMS should always be user-friendly. Not only for learners but also for those responsible for and those creating training courses. In most companies, the people responsible for training are not from the training department or specialist staff for training. Rather, department or team leaders are entrusted with training their employees.

So not every training manager has in-depth IT knowledge. Nevertheless, creating an eLearning course in a user-friendly LMS is not a major challenge. For example by converting PowerPoint slides into a course.

The implementation of the LMS is not necessary as the suppliers provide it online. The individualization of the platform with logos and adjustments can be done by the user in just a few clicks. Help from the IT department is therefore not required.


The introduction of eLearning can take place without major obstacles in a short time, provided that the decision in favor of eLearning has already been made. Look for an LMS provider who supports you in the onboarding phase and is available for questions. Then nothing will stand in the way of your eLearning project and you can start right away!



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Hans Koekkoek

30 Nov 2021