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eLearning - Published December 13, 2021

At Fellow Digitals, we understand the need for ready-made eLearning content. This is why, over the years, we’ve partnered up with companies that provide the best courses in different fields of expertise. Having standardized courses will allow you to save a lot of time and hassle in content creation.


All learning content in one place

As you know, there are multiple ways of putting content into your Coursepath academy, from highly individual to standardized. You can create content with our easy-to-use authoring tool, which includes a PowerPoint converter. Or embed exiting content through HTML5, SCORM, xAPI/Tin Can API (via SCORM Cloud) (find tips for conversion and formats on our support site). Finally, an LTI connection can be set-up for or by you. Coursepath uses LTI in order to show third-party content in the tool itself. This way, the courses are embedded directly into your learning environment and you don’t have to leave Coursepath or log in separately to the third-party content provider when learning.

Adding standardized content gives your academy a great boost, as employees get the possibility of learning and improving their skills with professional training entities. If you are looking for suitable learning content, take a look at the following selection of content providers:

  1. ENI Digital Learning: MS Office trainings like Excel, Word, Outlook and much more.
  2. GoodHabitz: Different trainings from marketing to management focused on personal development.
  3. SECUTAIN: Data protection and IT awareness trainings.


ENI Digital Learning

ENI has been providing IT training content at different levels for almost 40 years: the interactive solution MEDIAplus eLearning™, books and course materials, videos, and an online library. Every year, ENI trains thousands of IT and Office users throughout Europe and beyond. That is why ENI’s learning content is also available in five different languages, namely: German, English, French, Dutch, and Spanish. Our partner offers individualised answers for users, taking into account their level, individual needs and expectations, and supports you in all phases of your training project with a dedicated project team. All MS-Office topics are covered: Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Microsoft 365, etc. An additional offer on request is ENI’s digital test to assess the digital competence in your team.

  • The trainings take place in an immersive learning environment, which is dedicated to the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Participants receive hands-on training on the various tools and are initially assigned a level of knowledge to which the training is adapted.
  • Individual courses or the complete catalog can be booked. The courses are embedded in Coursepath via an LTI connection.



Our partner GoodHabitz designs all training courses in-house from scratch. They stand out thanks to their humour, energy, and excellent user experience. GoodHabitz removes any obstacle, puts the user in control, and supports organizations to make online learning a success. All for a fixed price, which encourages never-ending personal development! New course titles are being added to the library every month. The collection covers topics that every modern-day professional can relate to, ranging from management to personal effectiveness, and from communication to positive psychology.

  • You’ll have access to an ever-growing catalog of courses.
  • The complete package can be booked in a “Netflix-Model” making it available for all employees at a fixed price.
  • To help you getting started, GoodHabitz offers personal assistance from a coach and you can take the GoodScan, a self-test that will help you discover your learning style, qualities, and growth opportunities so you’ll find out which training courses suit you best.
  • The courses are embedded in Coursepath via an LTI connection.



Our partners at SECUTAIN are the awareness experts for information security. As a one-stop provider for more attentiveness of employees to the protection of corporate data, SECUTAIN offers a broad portfolio of awareness measures. From analogue measures such as classroom training, workshops, posters, brochures, to digital media such as eLearning, webinars, newsletters, podcasts, and to experience-oriented measures such as pentests and gamification approaches.

  • You can book individual courses or custom bundles.
  • Each course contains 5 lessons with entertaining awareness clips and a PDF brochure with useful information.
  • The courses are built directly in Coursepath LMS and therefore seamlessly integrated.
  • For a free preview of a SECUTAIN course, visit our demo academy.


Integration in Coursepath

The above-mentioned partners have been working with us and our clients for the last years. We’re in constant dialogue about how we can improve the learning experience for our clients. Which is why we recommend those partners. But of course, other sources of learning content can be integrated into your learning environment as well, through HTML5, SCORM, xAPI/Tin Can API or LTI connection. Our team is there to help you get the best out of your Coursepath platform.

If you are interested in acquiring our partner content, or would like to know more about our partnerships, let’s get in touch! We will gladly provide you with further information and/or put you in contact with our partners.

Annika Willers

13 Dec 2021