Unleash the power of Microsoft 365 with your intranet

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 and the intranet: the ideal combination for every employee

The integration between your intranet and SharePoint ensures that all employees (and externals) can collaborate on documents and projects in one single environment. You link project groups on the intranet 1-on-1 to TeamSites in SharePoint Online.

  • Integrate Microsoft 365 and your intranet and let your employees collaborate in a shared and trusted environment.

  • The SharePoint connector integrates perfectly with your intranet software. Make optimal use of all features.

  • Appointments made in your intranet are connected to Outlook and therefore automatically also to Microsoft 365.

SharePoint meets Intranet

Intranet project groups and SharePoint TeamSites are connected simply. So document management in SharePoint meets communication on the intranet. Folders and documents from SharePoint are conveniently displayed on the intranet and are directly accessible. Users can easily synchronize with the corresponding TeamSite. 


Single-Sign-On with Azure Active Directory allows users to seamlessly switch between your intranet and other Microsoft 365 applications.

Intranet integration system

The integration between your intranet and Microsoft 365 creates one central workspace for everyone. That means never having to switch between different systems, apps, and platforms again. Read the whitepaper on how to get the most out of your platforms.

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