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Annika Willers · News · Last updated on April 5th, 2022

Do you start to cooperate with a company that’s going to use your data? Then it will make you feel comfortable if this company meets the highest standards for information security and that this company has optimized its processes and procedures. Confirmation that you are working with a reliable partner is assured if you choose a company that has an ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certificate. These are exactly the certificates that Fellow Digitals now complies with.

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As a supplier of digital platforms, Fellow Digitals always attaches great importance to data protection. Within the European Union, the legislation on personal data has become stricter within the last years. This includes GDPR legislation for instance. Unlike many countries outside the EU, the European countries now meet a high standard of data security. When the new law was announced, Fellow Digitals started preparations to comply with the latest security requirements of ISO 27001 and NEN 7510. Because Fellow Digitals now meets these requirements, it is clear to customers which information security protocols and associated processes Fellow Digitals uses. This quality mark also means that when a security incident occurs, it can be solved even better and that it can be solved according to the set protocols.

For more safety and transparency

Many people are familiar with the ISO quality standards. For decades, many of these standards have been known worldwide in various industries. It is therefore mainly known as a hallmark that authorities may use when they meet high set standards. When a company has a certificate, the organisation is checked by an external audit institution (in the case of Fellow Digitals this is KIWA) for the correctness and application of the quality standards. By obtaining the ISO 27001 certificate, Fellow Digitals shows the following:

  • Carefull handling of data al all levels
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Be a credible and professional company
  • Limiting the chances of risks and incidents

In addition to data security, Fellow Digitals’ transparency was particularly important. Rick Tigelaar, Operations Manager at Fellow Digitals, said: “Internally, some needed to be organized in a better. Fellow Digitals has been around for 20 years, but we are still a small and flexible team with offices in the Netherlands and Germany. This sometimes led to a lack of clarity about who does what. Over the past year, we have made great strides in streamlining processes and embedding quality requirements in the area of information and data security.”

A clear division of roles means that certain rights are treated with care internally. As a result, people involved in certain processes have access to the corresponding data. This reduces the chance of a data leaks.

NEN 7510

Besides the international ISO 27001 certificate, Fellow Digitals now also complies with the NEN 7510 certificate. While ISO focuses on international standardisation, NEN focuses mainly on the Dutch market. When both certificates are placed next to each other, they largely coincide. However, there is one difference. Whereas the ISO 27001 certificate includes ‘general’ data protection, the NEN 7510 focuses specifically on the protection of medical data. “The combination of both certifications is more common. Because with organisations such as HAweb and Municipal Health Service Zuid-Limburg we already have customers who manage special personal data, we felt it was important to comply with these guidelines as well,” explains Rick Tigelaar.

Obtaining certificates is not something you can do as a company on your own. “Focus on adapting your processes is important. That is why we have chosen to be supported in setting up the processes in accordance with the ISO and NEN quality guidelines. Herma Slot of Bureau Kader supervised Fellow Digitals. Rick Tigelaar is enthusiastic about the collaboration with her. “The knowledge and experience Herma brought with her has taken us through the long process”.

The external audit was executed by KIWA. As an accreditation authority, KIWA is able to test the processes and application of the quality guidelines and award an ISO and NEN certificate on this basis. The various audits that have taken place have convinced KIWA that Fellow Digitals has its internal organisation in order and that it meets the quality requirements in accordance with ISO 27001 and NEN 7510.

The future

As Fellow Digitals always did, the company will keep putting a lot of effort to ensure the safety of its users. In fact, Fellow Digitals is already working on the next certificate. “The ISO 9001 quality mark will be our next goal,” says Rick Tigelaar. The ISO 9001 is perhaps the best-known international certificate. During this certification we look at the quality management systems of companies. With this, Fellow Digitals once again shows that it can set up the quality of its product.

A good and secure platform that all users can use with peace of mind, these are the core values that Fellow Digitals has stood for for more than 20 years. By obtaining the ISO and NEN certificates, (potential) customers are even more certain that their sensitive information is in good hands when using Fellow Digitals.


In July 2021 Fellow Digitals obtained the ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certificate again. We are happy about the constant level of security, accredited by KIWA and their regular audits.


Your security has priority

The security of a digital workplace is essential. Curious about what precautions have been taken? Read our security leaflet!

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