We say “Hello!” to our Fellow Digitals

News - Published July 1, 2020

Fellow Digitals is the new name of Viadesk GmbH and bv. From now on, our products and services Viadesk Social Intranet, Coursepath LMS, and Metatude, are located under the umbrella name of Fellow Digitals. Why, how, and what this means for you and our products, you will learn in the following.


From Viadesk and Coursepath to Fellow Digitals

The new decade could hardly have started more turbulent. All the more reason for us to ensure clarity and transparency. Our product portfolio has been growing steadily since our founding in 1997. Besides our well-known products Viadesk Social Intranet and Coursepath LMS, we are expanding our portfolio with the developer service of Metatude.

In order for you as customers, partners, and interested parties to have a clear overview of our range of products and services, as well as of us as a company, we want to provide clarity to the complexity. We do this with a new corporate identity, which at the same time expresses our diverse range of products and services: We are Fellow Digitals and continue to support you by involving all employees through digital tools.

As mentioned above, our logos and company name will change. However, the product names remain the same.


What is behind all this?

As Fellow Digitals, we follow the same path as our customers and users of our tools: we work digitally, often in our home office or at remote locations, taking advantage of the opportunities for connectivity and collaboration. And yet we always miss the humanity and direct exchange when working exclusively digitally. Being aware of the challenges of the modern working world, we constantly optimize our products and solutions, and discover what can be improved together with our customers. Hence, the name “Fellow Digitals”.

Our new corporate identity can be seen as a symbol for the Digital Workplace. A digital workplace is characterized by the combination of individual tools that support employees in working together. Links create a seamless transition, for example between the Social Intranet and Fellow Digitals’ LMS. This combination of (our) digital tools is illustrated by the new umbrella name and the matching logos.


What our founders say

Mujibor de Graaf, CEO: “With our Viadesk Social Intranet, Coursepath LMS, and the acquisition of Metatude in Bangladesh, our new umbrella name Fellow Digitals is the start of a new phase. As an organization, we also want to develop further in order to be able to provide our customers with the best possible support. We make sure that each employee counts, regardless of their position, origin, or place of work.”

Marc Leidner, CTO: “Aside from the importance of focusing on people, talking about the team and doing things together, for me the new name also stands for a new chapter in the history of the company. We have been in business for more than 20 years now. Fellow Digitals is not a new beginning, but another step towards progress. I know that we can always improve, and that’s exactly what we are doing now.”


What does that mean for you?

Nothing will change for you for the time being, except the sender in your email box. Apart from the company name, and the corporate identity and design, there will be no major changes. The products will keep their name, functions, and quality.

With a look ahead, it is always our priority to strengthen your company by involving all employees and to remain your reliable partner for digital collaboration. You can be sure that you will continue to receive the same service and hear the same familiar voices on the phone.


We look forward to further mutual exchange and cooperation.


Your Fellow Digitals

Succeeding together



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Annika Willers

1 Jul 2020