Open up Digitals interview series on digital transformation

Robin Gras · Open up Digitals · 3 weeks ago

“We see 2 years of digital transformation within 2 months” says change expert Greg Verdino, who will kick off Open up Digitals – a new series of interviews by Fellow Digitals and Frankwatching. The COVID-19 lockdown has given an enormous boost to the digital transformation of work processes, but at the same time has shown where deficits lie and where new solutions and approaches are needed. In Open up Digitals, Daniel Pink, Cyril Coste and other renowned experts in the field of new work and digitalization give new impulses and an insight into what awaits us in the course of the digital transformation.

Facing the digital transformation

The mere acceptance that processes are increasingly shifting to digital is not enough. This is the view of Fellow Digitals and Frankwatching, who have jointly launched the Open up Digitals interview series. But what can we – employees, sales representatives, or managers – do to meet the digital transformation in a meaningful way, to help shape it, and to bring out the best for us and our work?

Answers to these questions are provided by various experts and keynote speakers: from Marianne Sturman, founder of Moneypenny and expert on new work, to Daniel Pink, motivation expert and one of the most influential management thinkers worldwide. The twenty-minute episodes are presented by the inspiring journalist Lieke Lamb, known from the popular Dutch format “Nederland werkt door”.

The interview series “Open up Digitals” combines expertise and exchange, informs and inspires. Thus, digital transformation becomes tangible and feasible, for companies as well as for employees.

Watch the complete interview series on the YouTube channel or read the articles here:


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Dion Hinchcliffe

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Steven van Belleghem

Steven is a keynote speaker, specialized in the ‘future of customer centricity’ and writer of 4 best selling management books. Read more.


Daniel Pink

The 6th most influential management thinker in the world talks about the tools for successful leadership. Read more.