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About Harmonizer

Harmonizer is an online synchronization service that enables the exchange of information between different systems. As a digital ‘glue’, Harmonizer can be used to connect Viadesk Intranet and Coursepath LMS with other systems within the organization. This allows manual processes to be automated and users to always have access to the right information in the right place.

For example, Harmonizer can ensure that accounts are automatically created for employees in Viadesk and Coursepath, the intranet can be provided with the right content in real time, and the LMS is integrated with the HR administration.

Unlike countless tools available, Harmonizer is a fully managed online service. This ensures reliable and secure connections for a fixed monthly fee, and high-quality maintenance, monitoring, and support.

Harmonizer supports hundreds of systems and thanks to the smart connectors, each link can be fully customized. We can help you integrate Viadesk or Coursepath within your organization and get the most out of your intranet or LMS. Exchanging information is easier than ever with the help of Harmonizer, the online service that links complex systems, and lets them communicate with each other.

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