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A stunning intranet in Microsoft Teams

Blend our intranet and LMS solutions seamlessly within your Microsoft 365 suite for an optimal user experience with our standard integration.


Give your Microsoft Teams experience a boost by integrating your intranet and LMS solutions directly into Teams.

No more switching between apps or browser tabs. Employees can seamlessly switch from a video meeting to finding important information in the Fellow intranet or LMS. One login for everything!

Keep your team updated with the latest news, trainings and resources, all accessible within Teams. 

Intranet for employees

Integration of calendar and events

Fellow Intranet and LMS makes it easy to create events and appointments. Once attendees sign up, their Outlook calendar is updated automatically. No need to create separate entries to stay updated!

Keep track of all your important dates effortlessly and ensure you never miss an event or appointment with our calendar integration.

Teams Calendar intranet integration

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