Mobile Intranet

Empower your workforce with the branded employee app

Easily connect, engage, and train your employees with your very own user-friendly, branded Employee App.

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Your own custom employee app

Our white label app offers a customizable solution tailored to your company's branding. Featuring your name, logo, and design, it appears as your unique app in the Google Play Store and App Store, enhancing your internal communications and training with our solutions. 

Mobile Intranet

Why choose a white-label app?

  • Brand consistency: Maintain a consistent brand image across all platforms, enhancing user interaction and experience.

  • Increased credibility: Boost trust by presenting the intranet and LMS under your brand, making it feel like an internal tool.

  • Privacy and security: Ensure your app is seen independently of third-party vendors, enhancing feelings of security and data protection.

  • Reach employees anytime, anywhere: Especially beneficial for blue-collar workers, our app ensures timely communication and engagement, regardless of location.

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Customer stories

  • "We got a single solution, in the form of a SaaS platform, that replaces all existing platforms."

    Anne-Claire Frank

    Municipality of Amsterdam

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  • "With the Fellow LMS we were able to establish faster onboarding and better subject knowledge."

  • "The mobile-friendly LMS has made corporate learning easier, faster, and enjoyable for all employees."

  • "We have made an incredible efficiency leap with the Fellow Intranet solution."