Code of ethics

Version April 2024

At Fellow Digitals, ethics and integrity are at the center of everything we do. Our policy is not just a promise, but a guiding principle that we consistently live by. We strive to reflect our values in our products, internal culture, and external relationships. Inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability are essential pillars of our business. And we also like to see these pillars reflected in our partners. 

Inclusivity and diversity are not hollow terms for us, but fundamental values that we embrace on a daily basis. We recognize and respect the unique contributions and backgrounds of all our employees. Discrimination, racism, harassment, intimidation, abuse of power, and other forms of unacceptable, transgressive behavior are absolutely prohibited at our company. We actively enforce this policy and take appropriate action against offenders. 

Sustainability is not an option but a responsibility we take seriously. We strive to have a positive impact on people and the environment, both inside and outside our organization. Our commitment to a safe working environment and minimizing our ecological footprint are just a few examples of this. We also encourage and value initiatives that contribute to a safe and inclusive environment. 

At Fellow Group, we strive to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and expect the same from our partners. All company and personal data are protected and only shared with third parties if necessary or permissible according to laws and regulations. 

In case of doubt about whether laws and regulations are complied with, this is reported. 

Transparency and integrity are the pillars on which our code of ethics rests. We encourage everyone to report any violations of this code so that together we can maintain a fair and responsible working environment. Violations may lead to disciplinary action, including dismissal if necessary. In specific cases, Fellow Group may consider reporting violations to the appropriate authorities. 

At Fellow Digitals, we value open communication. We are always available for questions or comments about our code of ethics.