We ensure security at the highest level

Security and compliance

Fellow Digitals and its products meet the highest possible security standards. This allows everyone to work with peace of mind, whether it is in the office, at home, or on the go. In our leaflet, you will find all the information you need on the security measures of Fellow Digitals and its intranet and eLearning solutions.

  • ISO and NEN certificates

  • Data centers and hosting providers

  • Development procedures

  • Application specific measurements

  • External audits

Fellow Digitals Security Leaflet

Proven security at the highest level

Security is an important consideration. After all, you’re looking for a system that meets the highest requirements for information and data security, and a company that has secured its processes and procedures. At Fellow Digitals you’re at the right address.

  • ISO 27001

  • ISO 27701

  • NEN 7510

  • 100% hosted in the EU


Transparent communication is at the heart of Fellow Digitals

We keep our promises, are transparent and honor our commitments, no matter what

Vulnerability Disclosure

Despite the care we take to ensure the security of our systems, it is possible that a vulnerability may exist. We have established a transparent process to help design appropriate mitigations and directly reduce security risks.

Fellow Digitals Security Leaflet

Service Level Agreement

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) provides definitions and information on the system environment, availability, monitoring, maintenance, communication, incident, and change management with regard to hosting. Keeping our customers well informed.

Fellow Digitals Leaflet