We are Fellow Digitals

Our story

Team Fellow Digitals at Capital C Amsterdam

Moving organizations forward

Since 1997, Fellow Digitals has been creating great digital solutions that make online working and learning accessible to everyone. Over 600,000 people in 41 countries use our intranet and eLearning platforms every day. And we are quite proud of that. As Fellows, we help our customers around the world create an employee experience platform that brings people closer together and enables them to succeed and grow. “Succeeding together” is what we call it.

Our values

We know better than anyone that digital technology offers unprecedented opportunities, but at the same time, it can make employees feel more distant, insecure, and less engaged. We won’t let that happen! We make sure everyone is included, no matter who you are, what you do, or where you work. So that you can grow, as a person and as a professional. Our solutions are an opportunity to share knowledge, join forces, embrace diversity, and bring out the best in everyone. Wherever and whenever. Because everyone can make a difference.

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