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In addition to our intranet and LMS solutions, we offer additional services with our partners. Whether you're looking for great eLearning content or need help implementing your intranet, our partners are here for you.

  • ProGemma

    More learning power with ProGemma, our premium partner for practical relevance: Learning is not an end in itself in the company. It's about performance and self-efficacy (PS). The experts at Pro Gemma will develop the right concept for you to accelerate learning: From pragmatic quick-wins to the development of an academy. The focus is always on effectiveness and amortization.

  • Goodhabitz

    GoodHabitz designs training courses that stand out thanks to their humor, energy, and excellent user experience. Ranging from management to personal effectiveness, and from communication to positive psychology.

  • Harmonizer

    Harmonizer is an online synchronization service that enables the exchange of information between different systems. Harmonizer can be used to connect our intranet and eLearning solutions with other systems within the organization.

  • Secutain

    SECUTAIN is the awareness expert for information security. As a one-stop provider for more attentiveness of employees to the protection of corporate data, SECUTAIN offers a broad portfolio of awareness measures.

  • ENI

    ENI provides IT training content on MS Office topics such as Excel, Word, Outlook, PP, and Microsoft 365. Our partner offers individualized answers for users, taking into account their level, individual needs, and expectations, and supports you in all phases.

  • Beekeeper

    With the Beekeeper integration, you can sync users from Beekeeper to your LMS so that they’re automatically set up and ready to access internal training. Bring internal training to your frontline teams where they already are - in Beekeeper.

  • Kronsteg

    As a pure Digital Workplace Agency, Kronsteg ensures the overall success of your intranet project. Get all services from one source and benefit from their experienced team of communication consultants, (UX) designers, information architects, and programmers.

  • Fairview

    Fairview is an indoor media engagement technology pioneer that brings indoor media to life. Every day, we immerse millions of people in superb indoor media experiences through our proven engagement platform.

  • Koleido

    As a dedicated eLearning agency, Koleido ensures the holistic success of your learning project. Get all services from a single source - for example, system configuration, content creation, and change measures

  • Spica Digital

    Spica is a leading workforce management solution provider, focused on the needs of the modern workplace. They use bright minds, innovative design, and technology to blend user-centered service design with modern engineering and delivery at scale.

  • eye2eye

    Audiovisual and digital storytelling and content creation – with an eye for detail.

  • Facetoface

    Experts for anything related to the transfer of knowledge and/or emotion. From live events to learning concepts.

  • Ofcourseme

    Spice up your LMS with fresh content. Courses curated by OfCourseMe can be seamlessly integrated with your eLearning platform. There are 3 levels of integration here, tailored to your needs and requirements.

  • Webrunners

    Webrunners is the right contact for agile software development, business software, software modernization, and high-security standards. To make the different work processes in a company faster and more effective, they design and develop modern IT solutions and business software.

  • Blauohr

    The agency BLAUOHR GmbH is an expert in digital workplace, eLearning, and innovation management. From strategy to conception to implementation.

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