Platform privacy

Our platforms offer optimal security and are compliant with current European privacy regulations. How we have managed this on our platforms is explained below.

Version April 2024

Terms of use

The webmaster (administrator) of the platform can create terms of use, after which they must be accepted by members.

Member data

Active members For members, at least the email address is used. This email address is needed to access the platform. In addition, the member him/herself can enrich his/her profile with additional personal data. Often the organization where the member is employed has established guidelines for this.

Inactive members Members may be assigned “deactive” status. Inactive members no longer have access to the platform. Only through the webmaster (administrator) can access be reactivated.

The profile data of inactive members are visible only to the webmaster (administrator); normal users can only see the name, profile picture and contributions made on the platform.

An inactive participant can also be removed. In that case, the profile is deleted and the contributions are anonymized.

User statistics Statistics are kept of user traffic on the platform. These include user contributions, such as posting files and comments, or tracking learning outcomes. Data on the number of visitors to and interaction on pages is also tracked.

Inappropriate content The liability and responsibility of online platform providers is regulated at the European level by the Digital Services Act. For this purpose, the platform offers members the possibility to mark certain content as inappropriate.


The application uses only functional cookies:

  • The email cookie makes it easier for you to sign in on your next visit.

  • The local cookie stores your language preference.

  • The session and wax cookies are needed to keep you logged in from page to page.

  • The timezone cookie allows us to format dates and times for your local time zone.

Infrastructure security

The platform was developed by Fellow Digitals. Fellow Digitals has been developing platforms aimed at collaboration by and development of employees since 1997. Fellow Digitals has security as a high priority. This means that we comply with the applicable guidelines, laws and regulations in the field of information and data security. Fellow Digitals is ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and NEN 7510 certified.

For the hosting of its platforms, Fellow Digitals uses the services of Exonet. Exonet is a Dutch hosting provider. It uses data centers in the Netherlands. Fellow Digitals also has a separate fallback environment in case of calamities. Exonet is ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and NEN 7510 certified.


For questions about information security, please send a message to To find out how the above mentioned functionalities work, please refer to the support sites of Viadesk and Coursepath.