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In today’s rapidly evolving work landscape, fostering a successful digital workplace is crucial for business success. After all, a well-designed digital workplace not only streamlines processes, but also boosts productivity by giving employees the tools they need to stay focused and collaborate effectively.

 We recently interviewed Edwin Glas, our Country Manager and Digital Leadership specialist, to uncover his top 3 essential elements for a thriving digital workplace in 2024. Let’s dive in!

Pillar 1: Centralize knowledge & boost productivity

Is your knowledge scattered?

➤ Optimize employee experience and achieve measurable productivity gains with a unified platform for communication, collaboration, and knowledge exchange.

➤ Centralize documents, news, and community features to streamline workflows and foster innovation.

A fragmented workplace leads to lost time and frustration.  Here’s how a connected digital workplace streamlines processes and unlocks productivity:

  • Centralized document storage: Empower employees to find what they need instantly, reducing time wasted searching and ensuring everyone works with the latest information.

  • Real-time news and updates: Keep your workforce aligned with a dedicated platform for essential company news, announcements, and updates, streamlining communication.

  • Collaborative workspaces: Break down silos, foster teamwork, and accelerate problem-solving with features like social intranet, wikis, and project management tools.

Screenshots Fellow Digitals platform
The Digital Workplace combines multiple functions such as document sharing, news and communities

Pillar 2: usability, trust & engagement

Are outdated tools hindering your team’s productivity and morale?

✔ Each system needs early adopters who love and fuel the platform and inspire others to participate. In order to achieve that you need a likeable and easy-to-use platform. But there’s more!

✔ Imagine the impact of an environment of trust and valuation on the well-being and engagement of its users. Where employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas and expertise, and that their contributions will be valued and appreciated.

Frustrating platforms lead to abandonment. Edwin explains why prioritizing user experience is essential for digital workplace adoption and success:

  • Intuitive interface: Make it easy to find information, complete tasks, and enjoy using the platform.

  • Mobile responsiveness: Empower your workforce to collaborate and access information from anywhere, on any device.

  • Moderation and feedback: Build a positive community culture with systems that promote respectful interactions and constructive feedback.

  • Reward and recognition: Motivate participation and celebrate contributions, fostering employee engagement and a sense of ownership.


Pillar 3: building the inclusive workplace

Connect across locations!

➤ In today’s globalized world, catering to a diverse workforce is paramount. This means that the platform should be available in multiple languages and that all content should be translated.

Edwin explains how to ensure everyone feels included and valued, promoting a sense of belonging and maximizing team potential. Here’s how your digital workspace can foster inclusion and unlock the power of collaboration across cultures:

  • Multilingual support: Eliminate language barriers and empower every employee to contribute fully, regardless of their native language.

  • Automatic Translation: Facilitate seamless communication across teams, break down silos and language barriers, and ensure everyone understands important information across the entire platform.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Design the platform and its content to be inclusive of different cultures, customs, and communication styles.

  • Global Collaboration: Drive innovation and solve complex problems faster by fostering collaboration across borders, time zones, and cultural differences.


Real-World Impact:  the productivity difference

Companies with strong onboarding improve new hire productivity by over 70% (Glassdoor) and boost employee retention, with those experiencing a great onboarding being 69% more likely to stay for at least three years (SHRM). User-friendly platforms play a crucial role in achieving these results, reducing onboarding time and increasing adoption rates.

‘At Fellow Digitals, we’ve eliminated internal email traffic by collaborating directly on our platform. This productivity gain is not to be underestimated – it’s one of the biggest differences I’ve experienced compared to past companies where I dealt with hundreds of emails daily.’

Edwin Glas, Country Manager Austria and Switzerland 


A thriving digital workplace built on these pillars eliminates frustrating information silos, minimizes time wasted on internal emails, fosters a more connected, collaborative workforce, keeps employees focused on the work that matters, and empowers them to find the support and knowledge they need, regardless of their location or language. This translates into higher productivity, better decision-making, and a happier, more engaged workforce. In today’s competitive landscape, companies embracing these digital workplace principles gain a significant advantage.

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