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People become more relaxed with more greenery in their environment. Several studies show that indoor plants and flowers in your home as well as plants in your office improve concentration and memory. In some cases, even by 20%. Because of the calming effect of plants, fewer mistakes are made, resulting in better quality (Bisco Werner 1996; Brethour 2007; Frank 2003; Pohmer 2008; Serwach 2008; Shibata 2001, 2004; Yannick 2009).

Emma and Mila have an urban garden and houseplant store in Amsterdam. They sell sustainable plants and organic soil to fulfill their mission: to make the city greener, both indoors and outdoors. They also give advice on which plants are best for you and how to care for them. Whether you have a balcony, a roof deck, a windowsill, a facade garden, or an empty sidewalk, “De Wildernis” has a green solution for everything.  


Before buying plants, always think about the location: Where will the plant be placed? Then choose plants that fit the area and not just those that look nice. With a home office, you have more time to take care of the plants. But in most cases, an office is in a different location, and it is wise to choose plants that require little water. This is also useful for the vacation season. 

4 easy plants for the office

Sanseveria (Bow hemp)
Sanseveria (Bow hemp)
ZZ plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)
ZZ plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)
Plant Crassula

These plants can be placed anywhere. They do well in the shade, but also in the sun. What makes them especially easy is that they can go without water for about 2 to 3 weeks. How long they can actually go without water depends on where the plants are placed. If they are in a cool place with little sun, they will need less water. If they are near a heater or in the sun, they will need more water.

Monstera (Swiss cheese plant)
Monstera (Swiss cheese plant)

The popular Monstera is an uncomplicated plant. You usually get it as a relatively small, cute plant, but it can grow really big. It is very suitable for a large office, as it can grow up to 3 to 4 meters high. 

Plants that are not suitable for the office

Anything that needs a lot of attention should be avoided. There are many species that are difficult to care for, so get well-informed about the needs of the plant. Again, do not just choose plants that look beautiful, but also consider the location. If it is in the sun all day, a tropical plant is not a good idea, and you should choose plants that like to be in full sun.

It is also important to ask yourself if you are willing and able to take care of a plant. Search the internet for the name of the plant you like and see what it needs. If you still want a tropical plant, don’t put it next to the heater and spray the leaves regularly. Humidity in Europe is much too low for a tropical plant. 

Oxygen plants with a cleansing effect

Especially in an office, where there are many people every day, you want to clean the air regularly. All plants have an air-purifying effect, some a little more than others, but the effect is minimal. Better choose a plant that makes you happy and put it in the right location so it can grow well. 


Above all, choose pots that you like, but if you are not yet a plant care veteran, it is best to buy a pot with a tray underneath. This is because these pots have a hole through which excess water drains.

Or leave the plant in the plastic pot it is in when you buy it. Put it in the beautiful pot with a plastic pot. Then you can easily check if the plant gets too much water. Is there still water left in it? If so, empty it out immediately and adjust the amount and frequency of watering. Keep in mind that most plants die because they get too much water. When in doubt, neglect the plant for a while. 


Buy good quality soil and not a cheap bag from the supermarket that also contains compost. If you have better-quality soil, you will have enough nutrients for a year and will not need to add extra fertilizer.

When the soil is depleted, you can add a little extra nutrition every month. Be sure to give only a little and dilute it properly. It is a very strong substance, and the more naturally the plant gets nutrition, the better. In nature, the plant does not get a lot of nutrients all at once. So not too much and not too often. 

Enjoyment of the plant

The important thing is that you enjoy the plant. So do your research to see if the plant fits the place you want to keep it and if it fits your character. If the plant turns out to be more work than you had hoped, or if it gets too big, pass it on to someone who likes it.

For more information and advice on plants for the office, visit De Wildernis in Amsterdam or a plant store in your area.

Annika Willers

Manager Internal Communication

Annika Willers

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