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Wholymed founders

The information portal WHOLYMED is meant to start a comprehensive and equal dialog between prospects and experts about health, wellness and prevention. This goal in mind, the WHOLYMED founders were looking for a tool that brings people together reliably and safely. An ecosystem, a social network, dedicated solely to the topic of holistic health.


  • Region: Hamburg, Germany

  • Solution: Community

  • Industry: Health

  • Website: Wholymed


With a team of experts from over 20 fields of holistic medicine, health and lifestyle, WHOLYMED creates a deeper understanding about the connections between health & illness for a more conscious and sustainable approach to body, mind and soul. WHOLYMED sees itself as a movement for lifestyle and inspiration. Ancient knowledge meets modern zeitgeist.

In need for new sources

What do we do when something hurts and causes us physical or psychological distress? Most of us will type the symptoms into the search engine. But how reliable are the results? What do we learn from them, and do we improve the way we treat our bodies as a result and learn to avoid future impairment?

At a time when health information often comes from meager Google searches, two young entrepreneurs from Hamburg, Germany, founded WHOLYMED. The founders, Emilia Herting and Molina Gold, had a clear goal in mind: to start a comprehensive and equal dialogue with prospects and experts about health, wellness and prevention. To do this, they need a tool that reliably and safely brings people together. An ecosystem, a social network dedicated solely to the topic of holistic health, which guarantees data protection to the highest degree. In their search, they came across Fellow Digitals' intranet.

Model of 20 health disciplines
20 health disciplines want to be united and made accessible

A central system for health information

With the Fellow intranet, Emilia and Molina found a tool that perfectly translated their vision into reality. “We were looking for a platform that not only promoted communication, but also combined events, file sharing and specialized community areas,” Emilia points out. The Fellow intranet creates a centralized system where protected chats and topic-specific groups work hand in hand. Expert profiles with welcome articles and a clear calendar ensure consistency and recognition.

Exchange and networking at eye level

Molina sums up: “We bundle hand-picked experts from over 20 specialist areas in our network. Everyone meets at eye level on our platform.” Exchange and cross-disciplinary networking are at the heart of the system. Among other things, the detailed expert profiles ensure that professionals and participants can quickly find each other. Social functions provide interaction and team spirit.

WHOLYMED is proof that it is possible to create an ecosystem centered on people and run it successfully.

Emilia, co-founder
Screenshot from WHOLYMED community platform
Insights into the WHOLYMED community platform

A sense of community

The Fellow intranet is the foundation WHOLYMED has used to provide a space for experts and participants to meet, share ideas, engage in discussions, and explore new perspectives. Fellow Digitals has been developing knowledge transfer and learning solutions for over 20 years, with a particular focus on data security. With various ISO certifications and purely European hosting, Fellow Digitals has established itself as a frontrunner among GDPR-compliant service providers and supports the continuous knowledge growth of its customers. With this approach, mutual success is guaranteed, and for the long term.

Annika Willers

Manager Internal Communication

Annika Willers

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