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With their prevention forum+, health and insurance partners DGUV (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung – German Social Accident Insurance), AUVA (Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt – General Accident Insurance) and PKB (Gemeinsamer Ausschuss Bauwesen – Joint Committee for Construction) have created the first digital platform of its kind for the exchange of experience and information in the area of accident prevention and insurance.  This initiative, known as Präventionsforum+, enables partners from Germany, Austria, and South Tyrol to work together to develop health and safety regulations and manage projects.


  • Location: Germany, Austria, South Tyrol

  • 6.000 participants

  • Industry: Insurance

  • DGUV

The situation

6,000 stakeholders across three organizations and countries need a portal for efficient exchange without leaking internal information.

The solution

Through a Social Intranet, employees from everywhere can access the securely hosted SaaS platform to share their own information or retrieve data at any time.

The result

  • Networking of specialist areas

  • Partners connect faster

  • Regular exchange of experience

  • Comprehensive partner projects

  • Overview thanks to a central portal

  • Secure access through rights assignment

  • Time and cost savings 

A hub for experience sharing

The DGUV Präventionsforum+ serves as a digital hub for networking internal subjects and departments. It’s a space to collaborate on health protection regulations and manage projects. This centralized platform promotes and better documents internal project work, partnership collaborations, and knowledge sharing. Employees can supplement or even shift their project group work online, ensuring detailed documentation of steps and outcomes. Employees can supplement or even move their project group work online, ensuring detailed documentation of steps and results.

A portal for 6.000 participants

Following a Europe-wide tender, the DGUV chose Fellow Digitals' Intranet (originally called Viadesk) as the platform for the Präventionsforum+. Fellow Digitals offers social intranet environments for companies of all sizes, accessible globally after registration. The portal, designed for up to 6,000 users, is expanding to more countries, including Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. Employees can access platform information from anywhere, share their own data, or retrieve it anytime, thus enhancing remote work.

Tracing projects and processes

The platform’s advantage lies in its ability to keep projects and processes traceable and to make results accessible for sharing across departments, even at a later stage. Employees benefit from the results of previous projects, sharing successes and learning from failures. Despite the size of the platform, no one is overwhelmed by information overload or even excluded from emails. A sophisticated rights allocation ensures that everyone gets only the information they need, maintaining efficiency without compromising the flow of information. External participants don’t have access to protected data or project groups, so internal information stays internal, and workgroups operate without external interference

Annika Willers

Manager Internal Communication

Annika Willers

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