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Katarina Fellow Digitals

Katerina Georgieva, our dedicated working student in the Administration department, gives an enthusiastic account of her first workation in North Macedonia. For three weeks, she worked from her homeland.

“Upon arriving in Macedonia, I immediately felt nostalgic and excited. Working in a place intimately connected to my childhood was a dream come true. Spending the next few weeks in my homeland was an experience I will never forget.”

Fellow Digitals laptop
Beautiful view of the city of Skopje from Katerina’s work balcony.

Katerina’s decision for a workation

Faced with several family events in North Macedonia, Katerina was looking for a time-saving and practical solution. Most of her work is digital: emails, meetings, chats, and phone calls. There are only a few documents that require manual scanning and management. Katerina spoke with her department head. Thanks to our digital work platform, she has been able to work efficiently from North Macedonia, which has given her the flexibility to spend time with her family while still fulfilling her professional obligations. At Fellow Digitals, digital collaboration is an integral part of our daily routine. Our intranet software connects our teams in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic daily. So why not add North Macedonia to the mix? 

Workation: A mix of work and vacation

A workation is a combination of “work” and “vacation,” allowing for remote work while enjoying a new environment, often in a vacation-like atmosphere. The term emerged in the early 2000s and has gained significance with the increasing digitalization. In recent years, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, this concept has gained popularity offering a refreshing change that can positively impact mental health, creativity, and productivity.

North Macedonia as an ideal workation destination

North Macedonia offers a unique backdrop for a workation with its scenic landscapes and cultural wealth. The capital, Skopje, is known for its vibrant atmosphere, stunning landscapes, mountains for hiking, and rough rivers for kayaking. Cities like Ohrid and Bitola impress with their beauty and cultural significance. The low cost of living and reliable internet connections make North Macedonia an attractive choice for remote workers. Did you know that the cost of living in North Macedonia is among the lowest in Europe?


Katerina’s experiences and results

Katerina stayed mostly in Kochani, a town located in the east of North Macedonia, to remain close to her family. She worked in the mornings and spent her afternoons exploring the local area with family and friends. It was particularly motivating that Katerina teamed up with a friend who also works remotely, allowing them to exchange ideas and broaden their horizons. In the afternoon, Katerina experienced traditional North Macedonian culture firsthand, which helped her to maintain a balanced and productive work routine. Katerina shared some of her personal highlights:

“I was able to experience the traditional wedding of my cousin, to attend an international soccer match at the national stadium in Skopje, and to enjoy the Macedonian cuisine with my family. These experiences, combined with the opportunity to work in my home country, made my workation truly unique.”


All Katerina needed was a laptop, internet connection, and headset. As North Macedonia is not an EU member, she obtained a local SIM card to ensure uninterrupted internet access and availability. 

Katarina Fellow Digitals
Katerina visited the monastery Saint Joachim of Osogovo and the Toše-Proeski-Arena national stadium in Skopje.

Increased productivity and growth

Katerina’s workation was a journey back to her roots. It underscores the value of flexibility and location independence in professional life. This experience enriched not only her work life but also led to increased productivity, benefiting our team at Fellow Digitals. The balance between work and leisure time as well as the change in environment have shown that a flexible organization of the workplace increases the quality of life and motivation. The idyllic North Macedonian countryside provided the perfect setting for focused and efficient work. Katerina will cherish these valuable experiences, which will contribute to her personal and professional growth.

Our software allows work from anywhere in the world – a step towards a more flexible and connected work environment. As Tim Ferriss, an American author, podcaster, and entrepreneur, says,

“In the world of the internet, there are no boundaries. We should not be limited by the physical walls of our office.”

Katerina’s experiences demonstrate that using the right tools and being willing to rethink conventional work models can lead to a more fulfilling career and a stronger company culture. 

Your practical guide for planning a workation

Are you intrigued by the concept of combining work with the joy of exploration? If Katerina’s transformative workation story has sparked your interest, you’re in luck. We’re here to help you create your own journey of productivity in any corner of the world. Read on for our practical tips that will empower you to blend your career with cultural discoveries – in North Macedonia or anywhere else:

1. Choosing the right location

When choosing a location, prioritize factors such as internet reliability, local amenities, safety, cost, and access to nature or cultural sites. North Macedonia is an excellent example of a versatile work destination, with its picturesque landscapes and rich culture.

2. Packing the essentials

A laptop, chargers, universal adapters, and possibly a portable Wi-Fi hotspot are essential. Additionally, a local SIM card can be helpful. To create a comfortable workspace, items such as a portable laptop stand or an ergonomic mouse may be useful.

3. Balancing work and leisure

A structured schedule can help manage the workday effectively while also allowing time to enjoy local culture and activities. Katerina often dedicated her mornings to work and spent her afternoons on family time and exploring the local area.

4. Experiencing local culture

It’s worth taking the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. Katerina attended her cousin’s traditional wedding, went to a national soccer match, and enjoyed North Macedonia cuisine with her family.

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