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MarTech Award 2024

In a world where employee satisfaction and engagement reign supreme, one company stands out as a beacon of excellence: Fellow Digitals. With pride and excitement, we announce our victory at the prestigious MarTech Awards 2024, where we clinched the coveted title of “Best Digital Workplace Solutions Provider – Germany” for the second time.

Hosted by the esteemed Innovation in Business Magazine, this accolade not only honors our commitment to innovation but also underscores the transformative power of our software solutions. But beyond the glimmer of trophies and accolades lies a deeper purpose—a mission to redefine the employee experience journey for organizations worldwide. At Fellow Digitals, we believe in inclusivity, collaboration, and empowerment. Our intranet and eLearning solutions aren’t just tools; they’re catalysts for change, fostering knowledge-sharing, diversity, and collective growth. Join us as we delve into the heart of our award-winning software development, exploring how our solutions can revolutionize your organization’s approach to employee engagement.

In an interview with Innovation in Business Magazine, our Marketing Specialist Elaine-Zoe Mayer provides details why Fellow Digitals pioneers employee engagement and how customers benefit from our experience and tools.

Elaine-Zoé Meyer
Elaine-Zoé Meyer

Elaine: Since our establishment in 1997, Fellow Digitals has led the way in digital workplace solutions, specializing in platforms that enhance communication, learning, and collaboration. Over 500,000 people in 41 countries engage with our intranet and eLearning platforms every day. As “Fellows”, we are dedicated to help our customers around the world craft an employee experience platform that not only brings individuals together but also fosters their success and growth. Our diverse customer base includes corporations, SMEs and non-profit organizations, each benefiting from our intranet platforms, eLearning solutions, and the innovative Fellow App. We provide services that empower organizations to increase employee engagement and promote a culture of continuous learning.

Our core values – innovation, inclusivity, and accessibility – have been our guiding principles since our early days. These principles shine through in our dedication to creating user-friendly, secure, and universally accessible digital environments. The introduction of the Fellow App and the development of our responsive intranet and eLearning solutions reflect our commitment to these values. We’ve consistently focused on enhancing operational efficiency and user experience while aligning our services with our customers’ brand identities through customization and white label solutions.

We are Fellow Digitals, and our mission is clear: to engage every individual, no matter their role or location. We believe in succeeding together!

Question: Working within such a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, how do you ensure that your company remains on the cutting edge of new developments and how do you ensure that you are always best placed to meet your clients’ needs? If applicable, what kind of clients do you serve and how do you approach them?

Elaine: Our Software-as-a-Service platforms are ready to use. But that doesn’t mean that development ends at this point. We constantly work on latest security patches and innovative developments, that we bring into all our customers’ platforms – as our service!

Customers highly value our tailored approach to innovation which ensures that our services consistently meet their evolving needs of a diverse range of clients. We serve clients across various industries, including technology, finance and healthcare. Our continuous advancements in eLearning tools, company news, knowledge management and community building coupled with AI-driven innovations, characterized by user-centric design and mobile technology integration, stand out. Customers appreciate the way we incorporate feedback and emerging trends to deliver solutions that not only solve current challenges but also anticipate future needs, ensuring their digital workplaces remain efficient, secure, and engaging.

Question: What does innovation mean to you? How do you breathe innovation into your endeavours?

Elaine: Innovation is at the heart of Fellow Digitals, driving our mission to deliver state-of-the-art SaaS platforms that evolve with the dynamic needs of the modern workplace. Our ongoing development of both eLearning and intranet platforms ensures that our customers have the tools for growth and excellence at their fingertips. Within our solutions, we create digital spaces that enable real-time collaboration and social interaction, fostering a culture where learning and growth are integral to daily work life. The platforms we provide are more than just a means to an end; they are designed to promote a sense of community and shared purpose, ensuring everyone stays connected to the overarching corporate mission.

The perfect example is the development of our latest product, the Fellow App, that enhances the work experience even further, whether at home, in the office or on the move, connecting and engaging office and frontline workers alike. It provides a safe workplace environment that supports employee well-being, productivity, and career growth – seamlessly integrating internal communications, social collaboration, and learning opportunities into one accessible, user-friendly experience.

Innovation at Fellow Digitals also means anticipating the future needs of our clients and delivering solutions that not only meet those needs but also create new possibilities. Our agile development approach involves a quarterly roadmap for our platforms, ensuring that we continually add new innovations. This agile methodology enables us to modernize and optimize our platforms constantly, guaranteeing our customers access to the latest tools and innovations available in the market.

Question: What is your internal culture like? How do you cultivate the perfect working environment for your team?

Elaine: We foster a collaborative working environment where every team member has a voice and is encouraged to share their ideas and opinions. We believe that a diversity of perspectives leads to better results, and we welcome people from all backgrounds and walks of life. We also recognize the importance of work-life balance and are committed to helping our employees in achieve their personal and professional goals. To support this, we use our intranet to communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge, and our LMS for onboarding and training activities.

Our staff contributes to our success in many ways, from their expertise in their respective fields to their dedication to providing exceptional customer service. When recruiting new talent, we look for individuals who share our values and are passionate about making a positive impact. We look for candidates with a strong work ethic, a growth mindset and a willingness to collaborate with others. We also look for people with the necessary technical skills and expertise to excel in their role.

Team Fellow Digitals

Question: Do you have any specific challenges that you are facing now, or may do in the future? How are you overcoming them and how will you continue to stay ahead of the curve for the future to come?

Elaine: In a world where turnover rates are alarmingly high, investing in employee happiness and engagement is not just a choice—it’s a necessity. Effective onboarding programs, genuine empowerment, and fostering strong connections among colleagues can indeed aid in retaining staff. However, these efforts alone may not suffice. That’s why organizations are increasingly focusing on developing both internal strategies and technical resources to facilitate connection and collective growth.

At Fellow Digitals, we understand the importance of these initiatives. That’s why we’re here to support organizations every step of the way. With our innovative tools and expertise, we provide guidance in onboarding and training, fostering community, and promoting collaboration.

Question: Do you have any goals/plans for the 2024? Are there any plans which have recently come into fruition which you would like to mention?

Elaine: Our brand-new Fellow app epitomizes the seamless integration of people and resources within a single system.  With the Fellow app, organizations and individuals have everything they need to create engagement and to stay informed and connected at their fingertips. But wait, there’s more! From learning and development to community building, people directories, and a plethora of other features, the Fellow app offers a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

Badge MarTech Awards 2024

Question: What makes you stand out in the field of MarTech? Which benefits can Marketing specialists expect from your company and products?

Elaine: While we may not classify ourselves as a “MarTech” product per se, we deeply resonate with the essence of MarTech. Marketing is a pivotal domain that revolves around communication, (employer) branding, and ambassadorship. Take internal communication within Marketing, for instance—it’s a prime example of how our news-sharing and community-building features can be leveraged effectively.

Moreover, what could be more critical to brand building than having contented employees who enthusiastically share their experiences about their workplace and products? This underscores the significance of employee engagement, and we’re dedicated to assisting you in fostering it. Let us empower your organization to cultivate a culture of engagement and advocacy.

Thank you for your insights and congratulations on winning the MarTech award 2024!

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Annika Willers

Manager Internal Communication

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