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MarTech Award 2023 - Team Cologne

We are delighted to share that Fellow Digitals has won the “Best Employee Experience Software Developer – Germany” award at the MarTech Awards 2023, hosted by Innovation in Business Magazine 🏆. This award recognizes our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of employee experience software development. We are proud of our tools and are thrilled that our customers are satisfied with them. Let us explain how our award-winning software development can bring significant benefits to your organization. 

“The MarTech award is a testament to our expertise and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in employee experience software development. We are proud of each Fellow and customer who has made this possible. Our expertise has put us to the forefront of the industry as we continue to raise the bar for our clients.”

Mujibor de Graaf, Fellow Digitals CEO

At Fellow Digitals, we believe that everyone should be included in the employee experience journey, no matter who they are. Working with a top-rated company like ours means that you are working with a dedicated team: We want to make a difference through everything we do. Our intranet and eLearning solutions are an opportunity to share knowledge, join forces, embrace diversity, and bring out the best in everyone. Wherever and whenever.

In an interview with Innovation in Business Magazine (IiB), Fellow Digitals’ Senior Sales Manager, Manuel Yasli, gives an insight into what motivates and drives us to constantly innovate for our customers. Let’s see what he has to say! 

IiB: Working within such a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, how do you ensure that your company remains on the cutting edge of new developments and how do you ensure that you are always best placed to meet your clients’ needs? If applicable, what kind of clients do you serve and how do you approach them?

“Our Learning Management System (LMS) empowers employees to easily create and deliver eLearning courses, workshops, and training paths. Provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), the platform grants companies the flexibility and infrastructure they need to run their own, uncomplicated online training program directly within the organization. A roadmap for our SaaS solutions outlines the product development goals and strategies every 3 months. It serves as a guide for our development team and stakeholders, outlining the objectives, milestones, and timelines. As a result, our customers are guaranteed the latest advances and cutting-edge features and solutions at no additional cost. We also ensure that our software can easily be integrated into existing IT infrastructures using industry-standard APIs.

We listen closely to customer feedback through regular touch points, a dedicated helpdesk, and exclusive customer events to ensure high market relevance. To maintain our position at the forefront of industry innovation, we stay up to date with market trends and emerging technologies. For example, we were one of the first companies in our field to achieve ISO certification.

In today’s digital age, information security and data privacy are paramount. The foundation of our 100% EU-based and consistently ISO-certified service is therefore reflected in our extensive security measures and our ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and NEN 7510 certifications. Two manifestations of this are our Information Security Management System (ISMS) and our Privacy Information Management System (PIMS). We actively seek and evaluate other beneficial certifications such as BSI C5 and SOC.

To round it off, we and our suppliers proactively identify and address potential vulnerabilities. We conduct regular external audits, hardening processes, and independent code reviews. Our commitment to transparent Data Protection Agreements (DPAs) with our customers ensures that their data is handled responsibly and ethically.

Another important factor is the high level of user acceptance of our solutions. A combination of ease of use, a smooth user experience and +25 years of expertise allows us to deliver state-of-the-art solutions.

All of this makes us a reliable and proactive partner for our clients – now and in the future. Customers like Bistum WürzburgDERMunicipality of AmsterdamOTTO Dörner and KIOXIA trust in our commitment to excellent service.”

Manuel Yasli, Fellow Digitals

 IiB: What does innovation mean to you? How do you bring innovation to your business?

“The development of mobile technology has had a significant impact on eLearning platforms. Since the arrival of high-speed internet access, learners can access eLearning platforms on the go, whether they have a hybrid workspace and can essentially work from anywhere or are frontline workers such as a bus driver studying during a break between his tours, or a mechanic updating his knowledge directly in the garage. This makes learning much more useful and accessible to everyone. Mobile technology has opened new opportunities for interactive learning experiences, such as a variety of questions and quizzes, and a quick and direct way to provide feedback through notifications or chats. We have implemented all this in our solutions.

Another important innovation driver is data evaluation. Companies want to make data-driven decisions, so monitoring how effective e-learning is and how many results are achieved is important. With our eLearning platform, course creators can map out where participants might drop out or get stuck in the training. And they can further optimize their eLearning courses.

Our tools for the digital workplace help customers connect and share knowledge with and among their employees. The goal is to encourage innovation from within by enabling each individual to participate and drive the organization forward with motivation, expertise, and teamwork. By getting everyone on board, progress is realized, and innovation is stimulated.”

Manuel Yasli 

IiB: What is your internal culture like? How do your staff contribute to your success? What qualities do you look for when recruiting new talent?

“We foster a collaborative working environment where every team member has a voice and is encouraged to share their ideas and opinions. We believe that a diversity of perspectives leads to better results, and we welcome people from all backgrounds and walks of life. We also recognize the importance of work-life balance and are committed to helping our employees in achieving their personal and professional goals. To support this, we use our intranet to communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge, and our LMS for onboarding and training activities.

Our staff contributes to our success in many ways, from their expertise in their respective fields to their dedication to providing exceptional customer service. We encourage continuous learning and development and provide opportunities for our employees to grow and develop within the company.

When recruiting new talent, we look for individuals who share our values and are passionate about making a positive impact. We look for candidates with a strong work ethic, a growth mindset and a willingness to collaborate with others. We also look for people with the necessary technical skills and expertise to excel in their role.”

Manuel Yasli

 Let’s summarize what you stand to gain by working with us and using our solutions:

  • Fellow Digitals’ Learning Management System (LMS) empowers your employees to easily create and deliver eLearning courses, workshops, and training paths.

  • The learning platform is provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which grants you the flexibility and infrastructure you need to run your own online training program directly within the organization. It can easily be integrated into your existing IT infrastructures using industry-standard APIs.

  • Fellow Digitals provides you with guaranteed access to cutting-edge features and solutions at no additional cost through continuous product development every 3 months.

  • Fellow Digitals listens closely to customer feedback through regular touch points, a dedicated helpdesk, and exclusive customer events to ensure high market relevance.

  • Fellow Digitals stays up-to-date with market trends and emerging technologies and achieves certifications such as ISO certification, BSI C5, and SOC. Regular external audits, hardening processes, and independent code reviews maintain a high level of market relevance.

  • Fellow Digitals offers a reliable and proactive partnership to clients now and in the future, with loyal customers trusting the company’s commitment to excellent service.


Annika Willers

Manager Internal Communication

Annika Willers

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