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In the fast-paced world of catering and food service, efficient employee training is a must. Frontline workers must not only be aware of hygiene and security measures, but a company also requires proof of successful staff education. As a leader in delivering innovative gastronomy solutions, Marché International demonstrates how to effectively implement verified training successfully with automated processes. 

The importance of certification in the gastronomy industry

Regulatory inspections are crucial for maintaining safety and hygiene in food services, as well as various other industries, such as healthcare, and manufacturing. These inspections are not just procedural, but they also help to establish trust with customers and employees alike. Training programs are the foundation of safety and hygiene protocols, ensuring that (frontline) employees are not only informed about critical concerns but also capable of assessing their own adherence to these requirements. For example, employees who handle open foods are subject to strict guidelines if they are ill or carry certain pathogens. Regular briefings on these regulations are essential.

Implementing certification training at Marché

Marché International is a pioneer, not only in providing great food (think of their well-known quality brand Mövenpick) but also for its innovative approach to staff training methods. At Marché, training is more than a requirement; it’s a pathway to excellence. This is how the Swiss company has transformed their training process with Fellow Digitals’ LMS:

  1. Course setup: Company-specific courses, such as those on safety and hygiene, as well as onboarding and company knowledge, were set up by Marché’s HR Department themselves. The variety of courses ensures that employees are well-supported from the start.

  2. Course repetitions: Some courses are repeated annually to keep the employees aware of crucial topics. The digital learning platform offers a benefit: repetition occurs automatically, and there is no need to send invitations manually. Finally, the trainee receives an updated test result.

  3. Automatic certificate: Successful course completion is instantly rewarded with a personalized certificate, providing immediate gratification and easy proof for the auditing authorities.

  4. Automatic reports: For detailed evaluations, extensive reports are generated from the learning platform automatically. These clearly show individual results and overall assessments, such as how many participants have completed and passed the training. They can be sent as a PDF to auditors, site managers, and any other desired recipients. 


Maximizing potential with digital training solutions

The digital training program offers several advantages over traditional methods, ensuring that every employee has the opportunity to learn and grow:

  • Accessibility: Mobile training platforms facilitate anytime, anywhere learning for all employees, enhancing convenience and engagement.

  • Standardization: Automated processes ensure consistent delivery of high-quality certified training across the board.

  • Efficiency: Streamlined digital sessions offer fast, resource-saving education, removing the need for in-person scheduling.

  • Documentation: Automatic certificates offer instant, verifiable completion records, essential for compliance and regulatory oversight. 

Successes and outlook

The success of this eLearning approach is evident: The company academy offers a wide range of courses that have improved efficiency and bolstered employee knowledge and skills. Marché plans to expend the content and capacity of its learning platform as a strong partner on the path to success.

“The platform’s acceptance has been remarkable. It’s a testament to our right direction, especially in these challenging times.”

Marchés HR specialist Jana Northe 


Marché International’s advanced methods have set a new training standard in the industry by highlighting the unique benefits of automated processes. Check out our  Marché International customer report and learn how their methods can benefit your company in the training of gastronomy staff.

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Elaine-Zoé Meyer

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