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Digitalization is progressing more and more – but are companies and especially their employees doing the same? digitransform strives to support digital education and fitness in companies with its “Digital Driver’s License”, this way improving the digital competencies of employees. The company uses eLearning to implement the digital driving license and thus achieves a high degree of efficiency in knowledge transfer.


  • Location: Germany

  • Application: eLearning

  • Industry: Training

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digitransform opts for eLearning

digitransform offers their training courses within Fellow Digital's learning management system (formerly called Coursepath). The provider’s ISO certification and server location in the EU are vital for this. In fact, choosing for these extremely high security standards is the only way digitransform can offer their customers to secure their data reliably. Due to the platform’s user-friendly interface, the customers succeed with a smooth start into the digital world, even if they are less familiar with digital means. This makes efficient knowledge transfer possible.

Creating courses has never been easier

Essentially, course creation at digitransform is taken over by individual employees. Thomas Grieß as managing director is himself on top of the list here. Two more colleagues have author rights within the academy and create courses themselves. In the process, digitransform always works closely together with their customers.

Based on a knowledge database, a pool of courses and learning steps that are reused, an individual digital driving license is created for each customer – adapted to the respective requirements. “The Fellow LMS makes it easy for us to reuse learning steps,” says Thomas Grieß. Within the academy, both, courses as bg-faded as individual learning steps can be copied with just a few clicks. Individual adjustments can then be made in the course created especially for the customer.

Digitransform works exclusively according to the do-it-yourself principle. They create all content themselves using the authoring tool within Fellow LMS. Thomas Grieß explains:

As a course author, you really don’t need any previous technical knowledge and you’re fully trained after half a day.

The courses are often based on “text-only” learning steps, which are then enriched with further materials, which makes them more appealing. The digital driving license contains self-produced videos, which are embedded, numerous pictures and graphics, and questions on the newly acquired knowledge.

Since there seems to be some people among the customers of digitransform who are not too fond of reading longer texts, Thomas Grieß and his team like to use the medium podcast. Here, too, the focus is on DIY: “One of us – there are always different speakers – records the texts, so that we can easily provide an audio file. This is very popular with our customers”!

Data security is a top priority

Among the customers of digitransform are several banks, for which the topic of data security is of particular importance. digitransform has set up their Fellow academy accordingly and assigns all customers the role of participants within the academy. This way digitransform ensures that the participants’ data, although stored within one academy, are strictly separated from each other. Thus, a participant does not have the possibility to see other users.

Information and data security were therefore also decisive factors in the selection of the provider. Since Fellow Digitals' servers are located exclusively in the EU, digitransform can be sure that the data is protected in accordance with GDPR. In addition, digitransform and Fellow Digitals agree on a data security. Being ISO-certified, Fellow Digitals, as developer and publisher of the eLearning platform, offers their customers even higher security standards.

How do you convey “digital transformation” to generations who have not grown up with it?

The aim of digitransform’s digital driving license is conveying digital competences. In the different industries of customers, one thing is uniform: digitalization is changing businesses. But not every company uses digitalization to its advantage. In most cases, this is simply due to the fact that not all employees are equally informed. Older generations in particular often find it difficult to cope with the new media, which are increasingly finding their way into everyday working life. Without further assistance, they are therefore unable to exploit their potential.

This is where the digital driving license comes in. By providing precise information on digital transformation in the respective companies, all employees are included. Employees benefit directly from tips & tricks for the workplace. Through the transparent flow of information and a direct benefit for the employees, their attitude towards digital change is to shift positively. Practical application is a top priority here! This is because employees can use their newly acquired knowledge not only in their daily work, but also in their private lives and learn to appreciate the advantages of digitalization.

At present, 20,000 participants (as of September 2019) are already on the road with their digital driving license. The eLearning courses offered by digitransform within their own platform – the digitransform academy – solve problems in everyday work on a daily basis. After all, just because the course was taken once does not mean that it can no longer be used as a resource of knowledge for employees. On the contrary: knowledge gaps can be closed very efficiently and directly by targeted access to individual contents. And of course, such successes also bring joy to the course participants. Learning does not have to be dry and predetermined from above, but can also be self-determined and fun.


With Fellow Digitals, digitransform has a partner at their side who fulfills all the requirements they place on eLearning. By using a knowledge database with stored templates, the creation of individual courses with adaptations to the respective company requirements is easy. Creating courses themselves using a do-it-yourself principle is no problem at all for the employees of digitransform – thanks to the simple and clear user interface.

It is therefore all the more pleasing to hear that both the contents of the digital driving licence and the implementation in the Fellow LMS are consistently complimented by customers. digitransform uses an anonymous feedback platform to query the satisfaction of their customers and currently sees no need for action to change their strategy due to the entirely positive feedback.

Annika Willers

Manager Internal Communication

Annika Willers

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