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Our vision is to make corporate training easy. We guide you step by step to make your eLearning project a success. This starts with defining the objectives, selecting the right software, and the accessible creation of the content, up to the implementation and sustainable use of your eLearning offering.

Coursepath LMS is our proven learning management system, which easily converts training into eLearning for any company. In this blog post, we share our experiences and support you step-by-step in setting up a successful eLearning. We have listed all the steps and summarized the most important points, including lots of practical tips. We wish you a lot of success! 

The four steps to succes:


1. Launching eLearning successfully

We explain the most important steps so that you can anchor the vision of successful eLearning among your employees and strategically become a learning company.

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2. Find the right eLearning provider

We advise you on how to find the right eLearning partner for yourself despite the variety of tools, which software best fits your project and show you what characterizes a good, future-proof provider.

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3. Build your own eLearning Academy

We explain how to put your strategy into action and get the maximum benefit from your platform. Learn how to set up your academy so that it is clearly recognizable as a part of your corporate identity and how to create interesting and motivating courses.

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4. Effective use of eLearning

We show you how to put your platform into operation (“go live”) and how to bring your employees together with the content. Finally, we explain how you can sustainably measure and evaluate the success of your eLearning project using reports and evaluations in order to remain profitable.

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