Everything on a single modern hybrid platform, for everyone, anytime, anywhere

In a changing hybrid world, the employee experience is crucial. It is up to managers to support employees, as team members and in their individual journeys, by enabling them to use the technology they need. Connect them and enable them to collaborate, communicate, share knowledge, and learn. Both formally and informally, every moment in the employee’s career matters.

Our intranet is a SaaS platform. This means starting immediately without having to worry about installation (costs), management, updates, and maintenance. The cloud solution provides higher efficiency and cost-effectiveness and ensures you and your colleagues can collaborate continuously and securely with each other, at home, in the office, or elsewhere.

  • Easy to manage
  • Automatic updates
  • No maintenance costs
  • No depreciation
SaaS intranet

Working from home, developing a safe workplace, and supporting people in their well-being, productivity, and career growth have become essential. Employees demand more flexibility, a different work-life balance, and sufficient learning opportunities. That workplace is digital, and it brings people together to be successful: the Fellow Digitals employee experience platform.

  • Always connected with each other
  • Instant access to your favourite tools
  • Search and find help from experts
  • Chat and stay in touch with your team
Hybride workplace

Our intranet is the employee experience platform where organizations and employees get the most out of themselves. In a (socially) safe environment, with all resources to work together in teams in a goal-oriented and task-oriented way. It is the place where organizations stay in touch with their people, where they manage information flows and optimize business processes. Designed to the user’s needs.

  • The employee at the centre
  • An attractive platform with a modern design
  • You feel right at home
  • Accessible and easy to use
Employee experience platform

Do you work in different places? At different times, through different channels? Then your organization needs a single, centralized digital platform. Our intranet allows you to build a single environment, a single, uniform way of communicating and you create a digital workplace for an optimal and sustainable experience. This ensures an unprecedented user experience.

  • Ask questions
  • Share knowledge
  • Make appointments
  • Set up projects

Whether it’s a message from the board or a chat between employees, good communication is the key to a healthy organization. This can be internal between individuals, teams, project groups, management, and the board. But also – if desired – with everyone outside, whether you work at home or elsewhere. And in this way, all new employees can onboard and integrate at lightning speed.

  • Everyone informed, always
  • Employee engagement
  • Respond immediately
  • Private messages and chat
Digital Communication

Knowledge is everywhere. But how do you share it and make it findable for those who need it? Our intranet stores information in a place where everyone can find it. Find experts to help you with your daily work and let others know what knowledge you have. That makes work better and more fun!

  • Question and answer
  • Approach experts
  • Surveys and polls
  • Like, share and comment
Sharing knowledge remote

Ease of use or user-friendliness is essential for a well-functioning platform. The key: it must be effective and efficient to use. For everyone. This is where our intranet stands out. Not because we say so, but based on more than 20 years of feedback from our customers. Ease of use is not a feature, but a result that meets the goals of the users.

  • Suitable for the user's tasks
  • Instructive for everyone
  • Promotes inclusiveness and diversity
  • Set up to everyone's personal wishes
Ease of use

Connect or integrate with your favorite systems or apps and make your intranet the starting point for the organization. Users switch seamlessly between different applications without having to log in every time, functional management is automated and information management is solid. This ensures a manageable, flexible, and user-friendly IT environment.

  • Realise Single-Sign-On via SAML, OpenID or Google’s GSuite
  • Automate user management with links to HR-systemen
  • Connect Viadesk with Microsoft 365
  • Synchronise with systems like Corsa or Microsoft Sharepoint
Connecting and integrating

With the fully-featured app version, employees can access their digital workplace anywhere and anytime. Access to personal internal communications, company documents and data, key applications, and the ability to instantly connect with colleagues gives mobile and blue-collar workers everything they need.

  • Available 24/7 wherever you are
  • For frontline and blue-collar workers
  • Suitable for iOS and Android
  • For smartphones and tablets
Mobile App

When looking for a digital workplace, security is an extremely important theme. After all, you are looking for a platform that meets the highest requirements in terms of information and data security and a company that has safeguarded its processes and procedures. At Fellow Digitals, the security and privacy of your data are paramount. We take care of it, now and in the future!

  • ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and NEN 7510
  • SLA
  • Security audits and penetration tests
  • Two-factor authentication
Safety and security

Fellow Digitals offers you all the support you need to make your intranet a success. That means guidance in optimal preparation, advice on setting up the platform, explanation for administrators and users, and support during and after the launch. Together, we will make it a great success!

  • Onboarding of all teams
  • Tailor-made workshops
  • Support for the webmasters
  • Ideal start for users and group admins
Service and Support

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