Everyone knows that success depends on the community in which they work together


Build a strong online community

The ability to support an online community is one of the most powerful features of an intranet. Communities are online spaces where groups of employees with a common interest can discuss topics, access relevant content and share knowledge. Activate your network, invite everyone to participate, and help create a culture where innovation, creativity, and productivity go hand in hand. With Fellow Digitals you unlock the enormous potential of your online community.

Facilitate knowledge sharing

People share knowledge to get the most out of themselves and their organization. They are constantly looking for resources that help them in their daily work, to grow, to realize ambitions or simply to get a job done. Determine the success of your online community yourself, facilitate that knowledge sharing, invite people to connect, ask them questions, or encourage them to publish polls and surveys. And remember, by connecting people, knowledge and experience are preserved for your company.

The profile: show who you are

The first step when joining an online community: create a profile! Let people know who you are, in which department you work, which projects you are working on, and what your expertise is. The essence of this “Facebook” is that a transparent and valuable network is created, where people quickly find each other and can help each other. Join the group(s) that matter to you and be an active part of making your community a success.

Create a positive corporate culture

The importance of a strong and positive corporate culture is beyond dispute. You not only attract the best talent, but employees also start to behave like ambassadors. A safe, trusted environment makes this possible, an online community where they meet each other to learn, grow and work towards a common goal. Create valuable connections, a culture of togetherness, a place where everyone is welcome, and where diversity and respect are the most natural thing in the world.

Ambassadors with a heart for the cause

Enthusiastic employees work harder, are more effective, are usually more customer-oriented, and deliver higher quality. Why that is? They have a heart for the cause. You can use those people to make your online community a success. Who are they? View your daily statistics and find out who has been most active. Look at who publishes the most, what the most read articles are, and who gets a lot of comments, polls, or encourages others to discover the value of the platform.

Overview on your personal timeline

The central point on the homepage of your online community is your personal timeline, where you only see the latest news from the groups you participate in. This prevents you from being constantly bombarded with news from groups that are not relevant to you. And don’t be afraid that you will miss something, decide for yourself which notifications are important to you and receive them in your mailbox every morning.

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