Ever wondered why some companies need extranets to grow their business? We have the answer


Unleash the power of your platform

Fellow Digitals improves the way companies collaborate within their own walls, but when it comes to working with outsiders, we often fall back on old inefficient methods. And that’s not convenient! Engaging partners and providing access to your digital workplace have many benefits, from better communication to increased productivity. Instead of using e-mail, use the extranet to communicate more transparently and efficiently, complete projects faster, and build a culture of mutual collaboration. Invite external users to your platform and ensure seamless access to your shared digital workplace, collaborate in a secure environment, and strengthen your relationship.

Encourage engagement and loyalty

No company operates alone. Modern enterprises rely on their network of partners to grow and innovate. The extranet is an extension of your internal digital workspace and lays the foundation for optimal and efficient collaboration with external users. Stay connected 24/7, encourage engagement, and build loyalty. Who are you going to invite?

Invite external partners

Invite external users and partners and ensure seamless access to your shared digital extranet. With the right access rights, logging in is fast and secure. By giving external partners access to your platform, you give them the feeling they are part of your organization. This mutual bond creates trust and makes things a lot more efficient. The extranet gives selected specialists and teams outside your organization access to groups, documents, chats, resources, and applications while you maintain complete control over your company data.

Give flexible access rights

Set access rights on an individual or team level, so participants only see what they need to see and can filter for content that is relevant to them. This means you have full control over what your third-party partners see on their feed and what information they have access to. External participants receive the latest news in their mail every morning, so they are automatically informed of the progress in their groups or projects

Security and privacy come first

Because external partners are given specific usage and access rights, it is important to manage this process in a safe way. The security of (personal) data – also in accordance with the GDPR – must be guaranteed at all times. Fellow Digitals solutions meet the highest possible security standards. This allows everyone to work with peace of mind, whether at the office, at home, or on the road, and whether you are an internal or external participant.

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