The user profile enables everyone in your organization to find people and expertise quickly and easily

People Directory

Get to know each other with the user profile

The first step if you want to work together online: create a profile! Let people know who you are, in which department you work, which projects you are working on, and what your expertise and skills are. The essence of this user profile or “Facebook” is that a transparent and valuable network is created, where people quickly find each other and can help each other. Just like with social media, your profile is the starting point for making a real connection. It enables working together, strengthens teams, and ensures that knowledge is retained within the organization. Find, learn, share, and meet new people.

Make it personal

The user profile shows people who does what within an organization. But it also includes the opportunity to get to know each other better personally. Tell about your love for cooking, your favorite Netflix series, or your most beautiful holiday destination. The better you know each other, the more understanding and respect you have for each other. This makes working together easier and more fun and offers the opportunity to chat about a shared hobby.

Find expertise, knowledge, and skills

Finding a colleague you already know is easy. But it becomes more difficult when you are looking for that unknown specialist, someone who can help you with your daily work. Because where is that tender expert for your project group, who can tell you more about the layout of a newsletter, and which colleague is clever with Excel? The user profile in your intranet is the best place to find experts and connect with each other with one click.

Finding and filtering made easy

You don’t know exactly who you are looking for, you don’t have a name, nor do you know in which department that colleague works. However, you can quickly find out. Simply go to the user profile and search by name, position, department, location, organization, or expertise. And making contact afterwards is easy because all contact details are on your profile.

Security and privacy guaranteed

In the digital age, we share more and more information about ourselves. Sometimes consciously, often unconsciously. And with that, abuse is lurking. Sound regulations are therefore of great importance. The GDPR gives people more protection and control over their (online) privacy. And thus each employee determines for himself which data is published on the user profile. This is therefore only allowed if you voluntarily and specifically give consent for this. In addition, you can revoke that consent at any time. A safe feeling!

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