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Build a powerful wiki together

The ability to set up a company wiki is one of the most powerful features of an intranet. It is the best way to efficiently develop, collect, unlock, and secure knowledge within your organization. With Fellow Digitals, you unlock the enormous knowledge potential of your organization. Using the wiki, anyone can learn to quickly contribute knowledge, make edits and share it with the rest of the organization. Everyone can create wikis with the built-in editor, even if you don’t know anything about programming.

Get all the knowledge from your organization

People share knowledge to get the most out of themselves and their organization. The wiki is a great solution for this. Wiki collects and secures knowledge within your organization, and is created through the voluntary contributions of your employees. In this way, the content from various disciplines grows and you enable people to learn from each other.

You learn and grow together

Challenge your employees to be actively involved in sharing knowledge within your organization. Encourage them to contribute, and moderate where necessary. And remember that every person is an expert with unique knowledge. Everyone can make a substantial contribution, for themselves and for others. After all, learning is best done together: from and with each other.

Centralize your knowledge

One of the main challenges of knowledge management is to centralize it. A lot of work is involved in maintaining documentation, and no one person has access to all the knowledge of a team. That is also why a wiki is an excellent solution. Anyone can contribute and make updates as needed. Naturally in one central digital place, where you have access to the most up-to-date information.

Available for all teams

Anyone can create a wiki. For the administration to manage documentation, for sales to create a product manual, or for HR to record information about onboarding. The possibilities are endless. Whether you want to capture process information for a project in the short term or maintain documentation in the long term, the wiki makes it possible.

Get started right away

You can immediately start adding articles. Interesting content will attract others to follow suit. Create an active online community, where there is a place for everyone. Set it up right and ensure a clear layout, for example by creating category pages and subcategories. Findable for everyone, from any device.

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