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Viadesk Intranet

Everything you need during a working day in one place. That’s exactly what Viadesk Social Intranet is. This modern social intranet connects people, information, and processes. Digital collaboration has never been easier.

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Coursepath LMS

Making knowledge sharing easy. With Coursepath you can create courses in a user-friendly and easy way. The intuitive e-learning software ensures that you can train employees and onboard them quickly.

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Collegia Gamified Learning

Collegia is a learning environment with gamification as an integral part. Use Collegia for onboarding, upskilling and qualification of your employees. Corporate learning in an integrative and playful way.

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Making every employee count since 1997

Since 1997, Fellow Digitals has been developing digital workplace solutions that support companies and their employees. From social intranet to learning management systems. Fellow Digitals supports over 300,000 employees in large organizations, municipalities, publishers, and companies.

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