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Course creation

Build your own training and eLearning academies

Offer your employees great training that is available at any time. Respond quickly to learning and work process changes, increasing your organization’s adaptability. Reports make it easy to track the progress of participants. Once set up, content is incredibly easy to adapt. Deploy a variety of tools to make the content appealing to different learning groups. Discover our most popular features, get started right away, and build your first course in minutes.

Creating courses in a snap

Use existing PowerPoint or PDF training materials and build top-quality courses in no time. Easily drag & drop modules to enrich your course with your own content or integrate third-party content. Enrich the learning moments with a video, tests or surveys and invite participants.

Customize your LMS and use your own branding

Get started and get the most out of your eLearning platform. Upload your logo, set your own colors and make your academy a recognizable environment packed with interesting and valuable courses. For a learning experience no one will forget!

Vary in making your courses

Make training courses easier and more fun for a higher success rate. For example, use multiple questions in the course and track student activity and progress. Think of different text elements, tests, quizzes and media that can be set varied.

Integrate third-party content

Together with our content partners, we are constantly working to improve our customers’ learning experience. Thanks to their expertise and content, our learning management system is greatly appreciated. Add these great courses to your learning environment. And if you want to add your own content or other resources, this is no problem at all in your LMS.

Questions in all different forms

It is important to deliver knowledge in the most interesting way possible, including different ways of asking questions such as checkbox questions, single-/multiple-choice, or true/false questions. Hotspot questions are also a popular way to test knowledge and a nice change from other text-based question types. But certainly also text questions and scale questions, a widely used assessment tool for social research.

Certification at all levels

Your eLearning platform allows you to automatically create the appropriate training certificates for each course. Often this is easily done using a PowerPoint template. This gives you complete freedom in terms of text and design. You can provide the eLearning certificate in various ways, from academy to course level.

A learning journey that inspires

Your LMS gives teams and organizations a private learning environment where employees can develop their knowledge and skills anytime, anywhere, and on any device. You can finally create an end-to-end experience that effectively engages and trains new employees, mitigates compliance risks, and constantly engages and develops talent. The result is an inspiring, fast and effective learning journey with enterprise-wide knowledge and information sharing.

Step-by-step support

We guide you step by step to make your eLearning project a success. This starts with defining the objectives, explaining the functionalities and the administration environment, the low-threshold creation of the content, to the implementation and sustainable use of your eLearning offer.

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