The extensive reports give you a complete picture of the use, progress and results of your courses


Track progress and compare results

How attractive are my courses? How successful are my participants? Are there any stumbling blocks in the courses? These are all interesting questions that can give you more insight into the success of your courses. Our advanced reporting gives you data-driven insights to track progress and compare results.

Insights into test results

The eLearning report displays relevant information about the course performance in several filtered tables. For example, steps completed (passed, completed, or failed), average scores, and attempts for each step. The test results are important to evaluate the success of the course or to gain insight into the knowledge level of the participants.

Various filter options

Select the report you wish to view using the various filter options. For example, performance per course, per participant, per individual step, or the general course traffic. There are countless options and filters, so you can gain insight into the progress of the participants and the quality of your course offerings at all levels.

Downloading reports

You can easily download the ready-made reports in your LMS into an Excel file. At both academy and course level, you can export all course results and responses to an Excel file for analysis, reference, and management reporting. This downloadable report complements the existing graphical report overview in the course.

Extra in-depth reports

This reporting function gives you deeper insight into the progress and implementation of the course. By comparing reports per member and score (and over time), you can see how the course has performed, which questions proved difficult, which person still needs some help, and where the course can be improved.

Certificates in your corporate identity

Certificates can be issued fully automatically or manually by the trainer or manager. If required, the test score can also be included in the certificate. Design the certificates in your house style. Multiple templates allow you to specify for each course whether a generic academy certificate or a specific certificate per course will be issued upon completion of the course. The certificates prepared by you are automatically made available to the participants upon successful completion of the course. Isn’t that convenient?

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