Coursepath LMS and ENIcreate the gateway to the world’s most popular cloud platform

eLearning - Published November 5, 2020

Offer Microsoft Office courses now in Coursepath, Fellow Digitals’ learning management system. The collaboration between ENI Digital Learning and Fellow Digitals enables an even better realization of Coursepath’s values, namely to make training easy and accessible

Coursepath LMS by Fellow Digitals is the eLearning platform to train employees and partners faster, revise courses quickly, and stay flexible in training goals and groups. Our promise is: To make training easy. To even better fulfill this promise, a partnership was formed between Fellow Digitals and ENI Digital Learning, one of Europe’s leading Microsoft Office training companies.



Variety of eLearning programs

The training courses Office 365, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, and Windows are offered by ENI Digital Learning through a variety of eLearning programs, including videos and filmed lessons, online books, and remote private lessons. At the heart of ENI’s MS Office online training programs is the MEDIAplus eLearning™. Thanks to its unique technology, this is the only solution that allows learning by practicing in a real environment with immediate result analysis.


ENI, headquartered in Nantes, France, trains thousands of IT and office workers. They have been providing IT training content at various levels throughout Europe and beyond for almost 40 years. To get the most out of the Microsoft Office package, an eLearning from ENI is the best way to achieve this. To make things easier and more accessible, all pieces of training are directly accessible in the Coursepath LMS. Without having to switch between different tools, apps, or platforms!


Worlds come together

Being able to work (together) anytime and anywhere without any problems; that’s what it’s all about these days. Corrupted documents, lost emails, or crashing servers are now a thing of the past. At least, that’s how it should be. For every employee, the following applies: you want to work carefree in and out of the cloud, with the best tools to enable your work and your planned appointments continuously. This is where the worlds of ENI and Coursepath come together.

eLearning technologies are fast-moving. In order to keep up with rapid changes, it is important that every employee, without exception, remains involved and can learn in the way they want. With the integration of ENI, Coursepath users have direct access to their favorite MS Office training. These are offered online, with the possibility of individualized skill paths to achieve the best results.

The partnership between Coursepath and ENI will create a simple and valuable gateway to one of the world’s most popular cloud platforms.



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Hans Koekkoek

5 Nov 2020