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eLearning - Published March 16, 2021

How do you get new talent to choose you? And what resources do you use to retain talented staff for your company? This goes beyond giving them flowers, a Christmas bonus, or even a company car. If you really want to make a difference, offer your employees the opportunity to grow and learn. For now, and in the future, for them and for you as an organization. There is now an online learning combination that will give you a leg up on the competition!

You may have heard of the company before: GoodHabitz. It is the best-known and most popular online learning environment in the Netherlands, and they are now also conquering the rest of Europe. Based on the popular Netflix model, GoodHabitz offers more than 150 different ready-to-use training courses, all well-organized in one package. As a participant, you get access to all training courses, exactly where, when, and how you want them. The choice is always up to the user.




A varied range of courses

An incredible amount of time and effort has gone into the production of the training courses. This is reflected in the quality and diversity of the available courses, and in the varied learning formats. Definitely one of the reasons why GoodHabitz is so popular. For people who like to read there are online magazines, film fans prefer to watch a mini-documentary or animation video, and for quizzers, there are tests and quizzes. In short, a huge variety and always something for everyone. The approach of GoodHabitz is simple: Every person is different and has different needs. How wonderful that you can create a learning environment that incorporates all of this!


Online learning combination

Many companies want to organize their training offerings from one environment. This is, both training developed by the company itself and training created by third parties. To do this, they often use their own platform, a learning management system (LMS) such as Coursepath. With Coursepath by Fellow Digitals, for example, it’s very easy to convert existing training material into online courses of top quality. Combine and integrate that with the GoodHabitz package and you create one single point of access to all your learning resources. For greater efficiency, productivity, positivity, and job satisfaction.


Stressed about choices? Take the GoodScan!

GoodHabitz’s newest addition to its training library is the GoodScan, a self-test that helps you to choose the right training courses. Because where to begin? With over 150 training courses, sometimes it is just hard to make a choice. With the GoodScan, you can find out how you prefer to learn, where your qualities and growth opportunities lie, and which training courses are right for you. The GoodScan is easily accessible through your own Coursepath LMS. Take a look here for the complete range.



GoodHabitz in Coursepath

GoodHabitz training courses are inspiring, contemporary, and practical. Not quite convinced yet? Or rather so excited that you can’t wait to start learning? Then get a Coursepath Demo and see how easily GoodHabitz can be integrated.

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Hans Koekkoek

16 Mar 2021